Confession Thursday

  1. Stella is a total whimp sometimes and it kinda drives me insane. For example, when people are out mowing or weed-whacking their yards, she’s a mess. She pants, drools, shakes, and just wants to be held tightly. This is a bit of a problem considering these noises are standard for the next several months. Might be time to buy her one of these.
  2. We’re doing Open Enrollment at work right now for health and dental insurance. I HATE going through this crap. I’m always so nervous I’m going to screw something up and wind up with no insurance. First world problems, huh?
  3. When I email someone and ask them several questions, I expect that they’ll speak to all of those questions. When they don’t I wonder one of several things: are they dumb? Are they being evasive? Are they lazy?
  4. My brother and his family will likely be here in two weeks to visit. I can’t wait to get in on the intentional smiles my littlest nephew is throwing out these days!
  5. So, I’ve been watching The Voice, right? And (can’t believe I’m going to admit this), there’s something I just find totally adorable about Cee Lo Green. I think it’s his confidence and his charm. Either way, I find myself drawn to him and NEVER imagined that would be the case.
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  1. I am dying laughing about the Cee-Lo thing. He looks like a Teddy Graham.

    • He DOES look like a Teddy Graham! Man, I never realized that. Still, there’s, oddly, something about him. Please note, I’m not real proud of this, little missy.


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