5 things I’m loving right now

So, the manfriend’s mom was in town this past week and we had a very busy weekend! Not a whole lot of relaxing was had, which was a bummer. But it was nice to be busy and social.

  1. A nice 6-7 mile hike on Saturday. It was great to be out in the woods and away from people.
  2. Hiking a good 3 miles in my monkey feet and feeling great! I switched to my hiking boots for the decent because of the snow and streams we encountered. I just felt like I was clomping around in the boots. There’s absolutely no articulation in the feet when I’m wearing those boots. I hate it!
  3. A lovely housewarming party at a friend’s this weekend.
  4. Watching a beautiful lightening storm Saturday night.
  5. Breakfast with an old coworker and her daughter Sunday morning followed by a nice walk.
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