Strange, but good eats

Well, I guess that title really only applies to one of the recipes I’ll be sharing. I’m sure you’ll have no problems identifying which of the following was strange.

We’ve been trying out some new recipes lately. In our efforts to cut out processed foods, dairy, refined sugar, grains, etc. we’ve had to branch out and try some unconventional things. And it’s been fun! We’ve come across some really good recipes! Like this sucker:

I simply subbed-in almond meal for the flour, agave for the sugar in the vinaigrette, and made my own salad sans goat cheese. It was divine! The bitterness of the vinaigrette perfectly complimented the sweetness of the potato crust.

And then there was this bad boy:

Yes, black beans. I knew I wanted to make a dessert this weekend and I gave the manfriend a few recipes as options. “Black beans?! Sounds interesting. I guess we could try it,” he said.

I can’t begin to tell you how odd these cookies were to make, how incredible the dough tasted, and how delighted we were with the outcome! These suckers are amazing! They’re so soft and moist and perfectly bittersweet. We loved them!

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