Confession Thursday

  1. We have a family BBQ/picnic planned for this weekend and I’m SO excited to see everyone and hang out! As I look back on 2012, I guarantee it’ll be a highlight.
  2. I was sitting behind a co-worker in a meeting the other day and noticed a giant blackhead on their neck. I wanted so badly to take care of that puppy!
  3. The crazy cat lady was next to me in yoga the other day. How do I know she’s a crazy cat lady? Well she, her mat, and her towel were covered – I mean COVERED – in cat hair. Fur balls clinging to her hands, her toes even. Occasionally she’d pick a clump off her person and drop it on the floor next to her and it would swirl towards me. If I weren’t in such a zen mood, I might have yelled, “Keep your nasty cat hair to yourself, lady!”
  4. Terms that I hear in the workplace that drive me insane but that I see no way around: “Take it offline,” “I want to make sure I’m tracking this (as in, following along correctly).” See what I mean?
  5. I may not paint my toes all summer. Why is this a confession? My toenails have been painted damn near year-round for about 18 years. I’m enjoying the natural look for now. Perhaps it’s just another layer to my hippification.
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