Confession Thursday

  1. I think that a short etiquette class should be given before attendance at a sporting event. Things like: don’t stand up for long periods of time blocking other peoples view, only leave your seats quickly between pitches or in-between innings, TAKE YOUR HAT OFF FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, don’t get drunk and belligerent and belittle other peoples loyalty to the opposing team – things like that.
  2. Ever notice those people who stick their tongues out before they take a bite of food? As the fork approaches and the mouth opens, which is a given, the tongue comes out. Way out. Miranda on  Sex and the City is one of these people. It kinda makes it hard to watch these types eat.
  3. The older I get the crappier my handwriting gets. This is sad and seems as though it’s out of my control. Sometimes I do TRY to make it look nicer, but it’s just so much work!
  4. I sat down on a wet toilet seat at work the other night. Yes, I SIT on the seat in a public restroom and yes I likely have butt cancer. Whatever. I know the seat was clean because the cleaning gal had just left the bathroom, the floors were mopped, and the toilet water was all foamy with cleaner. Still, it’s disconcerting to sit on a wet toilet seat, no?
  5. Lisps totally distract me. When I’m listening to a person with a lisp speak I find myself focusing on the next time they lisp versus what they’re actually saying. Well, at least until I know them well enough to know exactly when they’re going to lisp and then I can focus better.
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