Green all around

The heat has been really bad around here lately. And Colorado is dealing with some major fires right now that have the state covered in an ashy haze. Between those two things we’ve been shutting up the house during the day and running the A/C.

In the morning, I’ll turn on the whole-house fan in order to pull in as much cool morning as possible through our open windows and then I baton down the hatches, even drawing the curtains, to try to retain as much of that cool air as possible before the A/C kicks on at about 78 degrees. Yeah, still a bit toasty in the house, but better than the 95-100 degree temps outside!

Closing the curtains means that the majority of our house plants (save a few rooms and the basement) need somewhere to go to get sun. So out on the screened-in patio they sit.

It’s odd not to have them in the house and it feels a bit empty without them inside. But it sure does make our screened-in patio pleasant!

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