My middle name

I got a call from my brother the other day asking my what my middle name is. He was filling out some paperwork at work and needed some info for a form.

“Dude. You don’t know my middle name? What’s wrong with you?”

I proceeded to tell him and spell it for him.

“M-a-u-r-e-e-n,” I replied.

Except that’s not how it’s spelled. I blame my great-grandparents who spelled my grandmother’s name oddly and then my grandmother who gave her name to my mother as a middle name an then my mother who gave me the same middle name. You follow that?

“Wait. That’s not how it’s spelled. It’s M-a-u-r-i-n-e.”

“Are you kidding me! You give me shit for not knowing your middle name and you can’t even spell it!?” He laughed.

Kids got a point.

Have a good weekend people. Stay cool, gonna be a scorcher.

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