Confession Thursday

  1. I’m headed into a neck procedure this morning and I’m stressed to the max.
  2. Almost everyone I know who’s aware of the procedure I’m having has offered up their help should I need it – friends I’ve had for years and friends I’m just now making. And I truly believe they’re being genuine and that feels so nice!
  3. The manfriend and Stella returned the other day after a five-day backpacking trip. I definitely missed them, but it was so nice to have the house to myself for a bit.
  4. I’ve always wanted raspberries in my backyard. Now I have a ton of them and I’m loving it!
  5. I’m totally happy to stop to let pedestrians cross. As long as they’re in a crosswalk. Otherwise, the cars have the right-of-way, people! And nothing drives me more crazy than someone who’s not in a crosswalk, even though a legitimate one is about 10 feet away, and expects me to stop.
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