Confession Thursday

  1. We’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire lately. At 53 seconds into the opening sequence, Steve Buscemi actually looks kind of attractive. I might have lost my damn mind.
  2. I’m stressed, people. Stressed to the max. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this stressed in my life. It’s likely I have, but I really can’t recall.
  3. I’ve been sleeping terribly lately (see above). Just tossing and turning all night long. I really need a long weekend of sleep, good food, and relaxation.
  4. My friend Aimee started a new site. It makes me want more tattoos.
  5. I’ve been craving pizza lately. I haven’t eaten pizza in a very long time. I might have to give in and have a little slice despite knowing what it’ll do to my guts.
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  1. Piper

     /  July 26, 2012

    Loved that site by your friend, thanks for sharing!! And as far as pizza goes, I say you go all out and hit-up Abbos :)

  2. Stress is a killer. Mine was so bad last year there was a time I’d only get 10 hours of sleep a week. Brutal. What helped me most was actually three different things.

    1) Owning up to what was stressing me out, and deciding if I could actually do anything about it. If I couldn’t, telling a friend so they could tell me I was being an idiot. If I could, changing things so I didn’t stress.

    2) Having my doctor talk to me about vitamin deficiencies that can lead to stress or anxiety. The more stressed you get, the worse the deficiencies are. I was super low on D an B, so she set me up with supplements and dark green salad recipes.

    3) Taking time every single day to focus completely on one thing that makes me happy. I’m at my happiest creating. Not just my metalsmithing- but everything. So I picked something that benefits my whole family, and I started making dinner into an occasion. I’d see to every detail. Tablecloth, sparkling glasses, home made restaurant quality meals- with courses. It may not be your thing, but savoring a glass of wine while cooking creatively, and treating my family to that level of pampering just melted the last of my stress. I knew I was caring for them, cooking is something I adore, and the food was excellent.

    Just an opinion.

    I really like your blog, and promptly read every post that arrives in my inbox. Thanks for writing. I hope you find your relaxation.

    • Hey Kaelin! Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t been great on the vitamin D lately and will make a better effort now.

      Thing is, I know exactly what’s stressing me out right now, but I’m just not ready to share on here yet. Once I do, it’ll all become clear :) But yes, taking the time to savor at least one thing a day is so affirming and helpful. I need to be better about that as well.

      Thank you so much for reading! I really do appreciate it and appreciate your comments and kind words!


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