Confession Thursday

  1. I am overwhelmed and comforted by the outpouring of love, concern, support, and sympathy I’ve felt these past few weeks from friends, co-workers, family, blog readers, etc. around my break-up with the manfriend. I can’t express how much I appreciate this. I really can’t. It’s part of what’s getting my through for sure.
  2. Everyone keeps telling me how strong I am, how well I’m holding up. But you guys don’t see the moments when I loose it. Like the 40 minutes I spent crying in bed this morning.
  3. Those 40 minutes were spent wrapped up in the manfriend’s arms. He’s pretty f-ing amazing and I’ll not hear otherwise.
  4. I can feel my kids. I know them already.
  5. Everything will be okay. This is all happening for a reason. I truly know that. But it doesn’t make the process any easier.
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