5 things I’m loving right now

Man, what a weekend. Packing SUUUUUCKS! Especially when 3/4 of your stuff is going one place (storage – aka my parent’s basement) and the other 1/4 is going elsewhere. It takes more consideration and time to decide what you need to have to make a place feel like home. But I also managed to fit in some fun and some quality time with the man and Stella before moving day arrives on Wednesday.

  1. The kindness and generosity of my friends Kevin and Elizabeth who helped me organize my parent’s basement and move stuff. Love those guys.
  2. A lovely dinner with my sister and nephew at The Med in Boulder followed by a leisurely stroll on Pearl St. to see the buskers and eat treats.
  3. Special moments on a Sunday morning with the man and Stella. I can’t tell you how hard it is to take those moments in, but I’m so glad we’re doing so.
  4. An amazing brunch with some gal pals at Comida in Longmont. The tender belly bacon is like a song in your mouth.
  5. Getting rid of a ton of CRAP! It feels really good to be paring down, cutting back, and cleaning out so much accumulated stuff.
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