Confession Thursday

All of these confessions are things I realized/was reminded of while attending a VERY crowded festival in Ft. Collins last weekend…

  1. While winding my way thorough a wall of people to find some space and fresh air, this woman’s giant belly totally accosted me. It was like this scene in Along Came Polly (around 2:18). It made me feel yucky in many ways.
  2. I hate Porta Potties. HATE. And for reasons beyond the obvious. They total creep me out and if I use one, you have to know it’s a dire situation.
  3. I’ve never eaten a funnel cake.
  4. I used to think that I wanted Wynonna Judd’s singing voice in my next life, but I might be changing my mind. Alison Krauss is pretty bad ass. But man, she sure does sing some sad songs.
  5. Frat boys are annoying. Especially when they’re in their 30’s and don’t seem to realize it.
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