Weekday Mornings

It’s been a week and a half (just about) since I moved out. I’ve noticed many things about being on my own again. The biggest thing is how quickly I can get ready in the morning when I do not have to do the following:

  • Pause to give big congratulations to Stella on her morning deposit in the yard.
  • Routinely stop making breakfast to kick the ball down the stairs for her to chase over and over and over again.
  • Regularly drop to the ground to give belly rubs and kisses on the forehead and nose.
  • Spend five minutes in the yard saying, “Go potty! Stella, come on. Go potty! I know you hate getting your paws wet – stopping being a pansy. GO POTTY!”
  • Fill a Kong full of treats and settle a pooch in for her morning nap.

The lack of all of this sure shaves time off when it comes to getting out the door. But I’d rather spend that time with Stella, no doubt.

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