Confession Thursday

  1. My sister-in-law Nicki does a great job of putting out a weekly blog updating us on what’s new with my nephew Landon. I love these posts and getting to see all of the pictures. I’m so grateful that she does such a good job of keeping all of us in the know.
  2. My new niece Farrah is so tiny it almost freaks me out. I’m afraid I’m going to hurt her or something. It’s unnerving. But she sure is cute!
  3. If I tease you, pick on you, give you a general hard time it’s because I like you. I don’t bother to do any of that stuff with people I don’t like. Who has the time?
  4. I’ll admit, it feels pretty damned accomplished to have such a good, healthy break-up as the ex-manfriend and I have had. Somehow it makes me feel very grown-up and responsible. It makes me realize all hard things in life don’t have to be terrible experiences – that hard doesn’t mean bad, necessarily.
  5. I saw the dentist this morning and was told I have a “perfect mouth.” I don’t care how old you are, a gold star from the dentist feels good!
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