The pros and cons of living alone

It’s been quite some time since I lived alone. It definitely takes some getting used to. And, as with most things in life, there are pros and cons. And pros are cons on occasion and visa versa. Well except for the spider killing deal. That’s always a con.


  • A neat, tidy home.
  • Following whatever schedule for the day I chose.
  • Eating whatever the hell pleases me whenever it pleases me.
  • Watching whatever the hell pleases me without hearing, “Oh god. Really?”
  • Having the bed all to myself.
  • Cranking my tunes.
  • Being forced out of my comfort zone and doing things I don’t normally do.
  • Peace and quite.


  • Killing spiders. I have a lot of them. A LOT.
  • No one to snuggle with.
  • Too much room in my bed. It allows me to get in some odd postures that hurt the next day.
  • Being responsible for “man” shit like taking out the garbage, fixing beeping fire alarms in the wee hours of the morning, opening tight jars, and hanging pictures.
  • Too much peace and quiet.
  • Watching creepy shit like Dexter alone.
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