Dr. Seuss and My Cute Mom

I came across this entertaining video and it reminded me of something sweet my mother did many years ago.

When we were little kiddos, my mom subscribed to a book club that sent us a new Dr. Seuss book every month. It took a while but eventually we had everyone of his books and they were some of my faves. I wonder where all of them are now? Because let me tell you what, buying a complete set of his books is damned expensive. I looked into buying all of them for Landon recently and laughed in horror at the price.

Anyway, fast forward to moving day at the dorms. There I am, all moved in, and my parents WON’T LEAVE! It was starting to get embarrassing, frankly. During the course of the day I kept coming across a copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” on my desk and I kept moving it saying, “What the hell? Someone must have left it here by accident.” But the book kept making it back on to my desk somehow. Talk about a moron, right?

Finally my mom said something like, “Just open the book and look inside.” I complied and noticed a very sweet message from her on the page just beyond the cover. I can’t remember precisely, but I’m sure she referred to me as a glow worm (a favorite nickname of hers) and I’m sure she signed it “Your Captain” (a reference to Dead Poets Society we’ve used over the years). She had been hanging around just waiting for me to finally catch on.

I still have the book, of course, and it’s a cherished gift that made the cut in my most recent move. Very few books did, finding a home, instead, in my parent’s basement for now.

Enjoy the video! Happy Friday!

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  1. You are adorable!


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