5 things I’m loving right now

Well, I didn’t tire myself out nearly as bad this weekend – just one late night instead of two in a row. But, I’m still pretty exhausted. I can’t keep this up, people! I’m too old for it! But busy weekends sure do give me a lot to love…

  1. A quiet Friday night at home. It was good to get some good sleep and just rejuvenate.
  2. A lovely day with a good friend to see the fall leaves in the mountains.
  3. Dancing until the wee hours of the night. I’d forgotten how much fun that can be!
  4. Watching a 6’3″ dude with dreads spin his 5’2″ lady around the floor at a country bar. He looked like he was so out of his element, but like he was having a blast nonetheless.
  5. A fun brunch with some great gals prior to a relaxing afternoon.
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