Confession Thursday

  1. I’m in this odd place of excited for my future and clinging to my past at the same time. It’s making me feel a bit bi-polar or something at the moment.
  2. I’ve given my poor dog plenty of grief on this blog for not liking to get her feet wet. The truth is I don’t like getting my feet wet either. And I have to walk through wet grass every morning to get to my car. How’s that for karma?
  3. If I had to chose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be nachos. Not a great choice considering grains and dairy don’t sit well with me, but the truth nonetheless. Good nachos can make my week.
  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about how people smell lately. My sister gave me this perfume recently and it’s all I’ve been wearing. But more than that I’ve been cognizant of other peoples smells transferring. For example, a friend gave me a hug the other day and I could smell her perfume on my shirt for some time afterwards. It was a nice reminder of the much-needed hug we’d shared.
  5. This morning on the radio they were discussing the fact that Carrie Underwood gave a 12 year-old boy his first kiss the other night during one of her concerts. It made me think back to my first kiss. I was playing Spin the Bottle with “the cool kids” and had to kiss this boy named Justin. Somewhere along the line one of us became confused (I’m pretty sure it was him). He thought it was just a peck, I was certain we were going in for the whole enchilada. You can imagine the terrifying awkwardness that ensued. So, yeah.
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