Confession Thursday

  1. I’ve been tasked with being my nephew Landon’s guardian if something happens to my little brother and his wife. Words can’t adequately describe how honored I feel that they chose me.
  2. I’m babysitting my newest niece tomorrow night and I can’t wait! Any opportunity to spend time with that little girl is one I’ll gladly take.
  3. Desserts that most people like warm I prefer cold. Warm apple pie? No, thanks. I’ll take it cold please. Warm brownies? Nope. Molton chocolate cake? God no! Somehow warm desserts just seem way too rich and over the top. The one exception might be cookies.
  4. I’ve been almost exclusively taking back roads to and from work for a few months now. I so prefer being on smaller roads, watching the cows and horses, looking at the expansive fields, watching the sun shine on or from behind the mountains. It makes my commute so much nicer.
  5. I’ve got a little get-away planned for late-next week and I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it!
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    My mother is an encyclopedia of useless information (sorry, ma, but it's true) - no one can beat her at Trivial Pursuit. As I age, I become more like dear old mom everyday. I routinely tell people about resources, recipes, tips, tricks, or websites I've heard about, tried, live by, etc. until one of my clients urged me to start a blog. So here it is! My perpetual ramblings. I hope you find them useful and amusing. If you don't, you can either keep it to yourself or leave me a well constructed critique.

    I'm a former massage therapist, a freelance journalist, and a web information architect and UX designer. I enjoy yoga, the Bar Method, camping, reading, gardening, and spending time with my friends and loved ones. I live in Colorado.

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