Things to Carry Forward

I’ll admit that I’m a person who feels regret. People will tell you they don’t have regrets. Well, bully for them. I pretty much think they’re full of crap.

But I try not to let myself get mired down in regret, however. There’s really no point in it. But I do try to learn from the things I regret so as not to make the same mistake again.

During the course of our break-up the ex-manfriend and I talked about our regrets – things we wished we’d done differently, things we wished we hadn’t taken for granted. Hindsight and all of that jazz. It was an important part of the process for us both and I know I’ll keep those things in mind as I move forward with other people.

I recently came across this post and it really struck a chord with me. The 16 things he talks about are so important. I will say that I’ve NEVER done number 10. That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, there’s a lot of stuff I do in private and always will. Like putting on pantyhose. A man should never witness that mess. Am I right, ladies?

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