Confession Thursday

  1. I used to be the main person to take my little brother trick-or-treating. Every third house or so I would make him give me candy. “Ann (my family almost always calls me Ann instead of Annie), come on!” “Hey, buddy, we can turn around and go home at any time…” “Alright, fine. Sigh.” What are siblings for if not to harass and exploit?
  2. Similarly, my sister and I used to blackmail my little brother out of the Halloween stash he did make it home with. We knew he had a stack of Victoria’s Secret catalogs under his bed and threatened to tell our mom if he didn’t give us candy. We’re going to hell.
  3. I somehow got roped into helping my friend Sally take her daughter and some friends to the opening night of the last Twilight movie. I just know we’ll be stuck in the third row surrounded by screaming teenage girls. Kill me now.
  4. I ate cake for breakfast and lunch on Monday. When I fall off the health bandwagon, I do so with gusto.
  5. I had braces for 5 years. This is the result of falling down as a toddler and ramming four of my baby teeth back into my gums, which caused all of the adult teeth to scatter and emerge in odd places. Suffice it so say that my ugly phase was long and arduous.
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