5 things I’m loving right now.

So, I went to an, ahem, interesting party this weekend. Here’s all I’ll say about that: our mothers had Tupperware parties. We have sex toy parties. Our grandmothers are spinning in their graves. Otherwise, the rest of the weekend was fairly status quo and left me with much to love.

  1. Dinner and a movie with some ladies was lovely. Flight is a pretty good flick and Denzel Washington does not, apparently, age. He’s a fine man, for sure.
  2. I got my hair did and I just love doing that. My guy Eddie at Pompadours is amazing and he and I just have so much fun. I know you’re supposed to go darker for the winter and all, but I say screw that. I’m rocking the blonde anyway!
  3. Booze and BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriends) made for quite a time. Darn it. I mentioned that party again. Sorry.
  4. Clarity. Even when it may not be the answer or outcome you want, finding clarity and acting on it will always lead you down the right path.
  5. Friends who are ready with a big hug when you need it the most.
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