My own worst enemy

I don’t like reading directions or instructions of any kind. I never have. This point was first made to me in the third grade when we were given a test with 25 multiple choice questions. I sped through the test and gleefully ran up to the front of the room to turn my test in first. Shocked to know I always finished first? Bet not.

Anyway, the teacher, Mrs. Crawford (Joan Crawford to be exact) smiled and said, “Did you read the directions?” as she handed my test back to me. Nope, I had not. The directions said, “Answer questions 1-5 and then wait patiently at your desk.” Yeah.

So, the other night I decide to wash my expensive, very nice down jacket. A jacket I had intended upon wearing for many years to come. I pulled it out of the dryer the next day to find it covered in greasy stains. So I then (for the first time, of course) read the cleaning instructions. “Do not use fabric softener.” That would have been great to know BEFORE I threw that Bounce dryer sheet in there. Yeah.

So I’m telling my boss this story and he starts laughing really hard.

“I find it so amusing that you don’t like to read instructions when your entire job is giving them to other people.” Yeah.

Anyone know how to get fabric softener stains out of a down jacket? Anyone?

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