Confession Thursday

  1. I generally keep to myself about the really big stuff happening in my personal life. Not doing so opens one up to commentary. Sometimes I don’t like or want the commentary.
  2. There’s a toilet at work that’s so loud when flushed that it actually elicits a fight-or-flight response in me.
  3. I found out something interesting the other day. While eating, I can discuss any bodily function or fluid except for boogers. That’ll put me right off my meal.
  4. Ever notice how I sometimes capitalize all of the words in my blog titles and sometimes I don’t? I do that on purpose, at my own discretion, usually on a whim. Call it literary license.
  5. Sometimes the weight of the last few months gets the better of me and I feel like I’m just going to burst open. And so I do. For a bit. And then I stitch myself back up at the seams and keep going.
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