Cards from dad

My dad is a man of few words. But he’s always been a great card giver.

He picks out all of his own cards – one of the few things not delegated to my mom. I can just imagine him standing there, shuffling through the options until he finds a suitable card. It’s got to be a precious scene, no doubt.

Recently he gave me one of the best, most poignant cards yet (the non-italic section is my favorite):

A Little Guide to Life for a Lovely Daughter on her Birthday

Be good to yourself.
There are some things
everyone deserves –
Love, respect, time to recharge.
Never settle for less.

Seek out your dreams.
Start small. Take it as it comes.
Even a butterfly has to inch along
before getting its wings.

Listen to your heart.
Trust your gut.
If the way seems unclear,
look within you.

Let your voice be heard.
You have a story to tell and opinions that count.
And a difference to make.

Stay curious. Wonder.
Take every opportunity to learn.
Knowledge is a gift.
It will take you places.

Hold on to what’s important.
Let worries go.
No matter how you look at it,
some things just don’t make sense.
The way you choose to carry on
is what really matters.

And when you make that list of what you want in life,
make another list of what you’ve got.
Be sure to start with all the things
that make you a beautiful person.
There are so many.

Most of all,
remember you are loved. Always.

I re-read all of that recently when I was having a particularly hard day. No communication lacking on this one. Have a good weekend, peeps!

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