The ways in which we hoard

There are people who hoard weird stuff just on the off chance an item might come in handy at some point. I’ll seek them out in an apocalyptic scenario as they’ll be the one with the important things. Well, them and the Mormons, who stockpile food supplies.

While four-wheeling once, the ex-manfriend fixed a leaky oil filter with duct tape and a spoon. A spoon he had in his Jeep just on that off chance he might need it someday. That’s the weird stuff of which I speak. Me? I would have been SOL because I would never carry around a spoon just in case. But then I don’t have MacGyver tendencies either.

The things I hold on to are things with sentimental value. I have a chest of this stuff in my parents basement. Things like my blankie (including all of the trim that fell off over the years), all the birthday cards my family has given me, and so on. I also still have some of my favorite stuffed animals and the like.

But I do hoard my own weird stuff. I’ll cop to that. For example, I do odd things like use airplane stubs or receipts as bookmarks. Those then stay in the book so that, should I read the book again down the road, I can be reminded of what was going on the first time I read it.

Some of my favorite stuff is in my wallet. For example, I have ticket stubs for every sporting event I’ve ever attended with my dad. And before my little brother went to basic training he and I had a standing movie/dinner date once a week. I still have the ticket stub from the last movie was saw. It was Nacho Libre. I also saved the stub from the Lord of the Rings movie we saw simply because we laughed our asses off at Frodo’s signature wide-eyed, “I’m on the verge of tears” look the whole movie. Also in that stash are some notes and little scraps of things that make me smile. Every so often I take these items out of my wallet and sift through them.

I did so recently and came across one of this nicest things anyone has ever given me:

That came from a co-worker of mine many years ago. I’ve carried it around for 13 years.

I just realized…I’d better not loose my wallet. That would be terribly sad.

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  1. I have been known to hoard:

    – Real Simple magazines (which I had a subscription to since October 2003)
    – every board or gift bag or bow
    – canned pumpkin, esp after the pumpkin famine of 2010. Look it up. Now I always buy 2-4 cans when I go grocery shopping.
    – every bib from all my races
    – every single handwritten love letter, no matter who gave it to me.

  2. Okay, some of those are weird for sure. You must have a crap ton of gift bags and bows! Please tell me you reuse them…

    I totally agree on the love letters, btw.


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