5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandIs anyone else shocked that it’s December? Where did this year go? It’s been one helluva year and, frankly, I’m somewhat grateful to see it come to a close. That being said, I’m also not really a fan of time passing this quickly no matter how challenging a particular year might be. Anyway, I’m getting slightly off topic here. This weekend was fast (see the theme?), but awesome and gave me so much to love.

  1. Kicking off the weekend seeing some awesome musicians with some of my favorite people.
  2. Lazy days spent laying in bed.
  3. Good books. Man, I just love getting sucked into another realm.
  4. Feeding my niece in the wee hours of the morning and then holding her as she falls asleep in my arms. She’s an amazing creature, that one.
  5. Brunch with a new friend. It’s funny how you can know someone for a while and then suddenly, one day, it just clicks and you’re like, “Why am I just now realizing how much I dig you?”
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