When your car isn’t as smart as you thought

I’m kind of annoyed by modern-day cars and how they tell you your business. Always blinking and dinging and, now, actually talking to you and telling you how it should be done. Usually the car is a lot stupider than you thought.

Case and point: this past summer by little brother and his family drove their new car out here to visit. He came to pick me up for lunch and wanted to show me all of its cool features. The dash on this sucker looks like a friggin’ cockpit with all it’s screens and buttons and whatnot.

Much like our father, I was sure Logan had read the manual front-to-back. My dad literally does this. It’s remarkably over the top and the cause of much razzing in our family. Anyway, what ensued was pure hilarity:

Logan:  “Okay, tell me a radio station you want to listen to.”

Me: “98.5.”

Logan: “Tune in 98.5”

Car: “I do not recognize that request. Please try again.”

Logan: “TUNE IN 98.5!”

Car: “I do not recognize that request. Please try again.”

Me: “Okay, tell it to tune in 98.5, KYGO.”

Logan: “Tune in 98.5, KYGO.”

Car: “I do not recognize that request. Please try again.”

Some variation of this cycle goes on for, I kid you not, a good three to four minutes. Logan’s getting more and more and more pissed while I’m laughing my ass off.

Me: “Yeah, this is one smart car you have here.”

Logan: “Shut it. TUNE IN 98.5, KYGO!”

Car: “I do not recognize that request. Please try again.”

Me: “Just tell it to tune in KYGO.”

Logan: “TUNE IN KYGO.”

Car: “Tuning in gay radio.”

And up pops what is quite clearly (based on content and the current conversation on said radio) a gay radio station.

It was at that point I lost all ability to breath or make noise I was laughing so hard as was Logan. At least the car gave us a good laugh.

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