Confession Thursday


  1. When I wear tight pants I’m aware of the fact that my left leg, especially my calf, is bigger than my right leg.
  2. I’m a fairly open book. I sometimes forget that others aren’t the same way and so maybe I can come off as insensitive or like I’m prying? It’s not my intention.
  3. Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth. Like really stick my foot in my mouth. I generally recover pretty well, but it’s painful for all involved nonetheless.
  4. I often eat salsa and marinara sauce like it’s soup. I did this the other night at dinner with a friend and she was totally baffled.
  5. I LOVE miniature stuff. For example, Into the Wind (a store in Boulder) has miniature crayons. CUTE! And a set of miniature water colors. CUTE! Oh, and this explains why I adore baby socks (my nephew assures me he’s “particularly fond of them, too”). CUTE! Recently a co-worker got at Lego figurine of Tarzan and it comes with a miniature monkey. I almost wet myself with excitement.
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