#Reverb12 – Learning

{Just as I have for the past two years, for the month of December I’m participating in #reverb12 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one. I may not follow every prompt found here or here but will, rather, pick the ones that seem most interesting to me.}

Prompt for December 14th: Learning – What was the most important thing you learned in 2012?

I think the most important thing I learned in 2012 is that I have an amazing support system around me and that it’s okay to ask for and take their help and support.

I had a few occasions to test this out what with surgery and breakups and moving and such fun. Throughout all of that I had plenty of friends, coworkers, and family who stepped up to the plate and helped me out in many ways.

The biggest lesson in all of that, though, was accepting their help. I’m not always great about asking for help or accepting it when it’s offered. I mean, it’s not an issue with little things but when it comes to big things like someone taking care of me when I’m sick, or helping me move, or comforting me when I’m upset, I struggle. Often times I feel like people say, “Let me know if I can help,” without really meaning it. Or at least that’s my perspective. But I decided that if anyone was crazy enough to offer, I was going to step outside of my comfort zone and accept.

Despite all of the practice I’ve had in the past year, I can’t say that it’s a whole lot easier for me to accept or ask for help. However, I can say that the gratitude doing so allowed me to feel for the people I care about, and who so clearly care for me, has been a blessing.

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