Dodgeball Also Sucks for Adults

Many years ago, during one of my little brother’s deployments, my ex-ex-manfriend and I sent him a copy of Dodgeball in a care package. Before the package even arrived I tipped Logan off, letting him know that it was hilarious and he would thoroughly enjoy it. Thus began an 8 year, on-going battle.

After sending the disc, I spent the next year or so forgetting I had done so and regularly saying to him, “Dude! There’s this hilarious movie you need to see.” “Oh yeah?” he’d reply, excited for the recommendation. “Yeah, it’s called Dodgeball.” “Ann, you sent it to me. I’ve seen it. You’re insane.”

Once that year had passed, I started to strategically make this suggestion at random, spaced-out intervals just to piss him off. During yet another deployment, we had this conversation via IM:

Me: “I saw the best movie the other night. You would love it!”

Logan: “Sweet. What’s it called?”

Me: “It’s…”

Logan: “Wait! Don’t you do it. Don’t you DARE do it!”

Me: “It’s called…”

Logan: “I’m warning you…”

Me: “Dodgeball.”

And with that, he logged off of IM. Just disconnected. I was fairly certain it was a deliberate act out of anger. But when you’re communicating with someone in a war zone and they just drop offline like that, you do start to wonder. Especially as several minutes pass…

Logan: “I hate you.”

Me: “Hahahahahahaha!”

And then I let it drop for YEARS. Until I went to visit him in Tennessee and decided to bring a gift for his man cave. You guessed it. Another copy of Dodgeball. I think he hucked it across the room, if memory serves.

It’s about time for this to crop up again. And I’ve got a brilliant plan…

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  1. Piper

     /  December 18, 2012

    Awesome post…can’t stop laughing….and can’t wait to hear…….

    • If Logan didn’t read this sucker, I would divulge my plan. Glad you enjoyed it, Piper! Kisses to all your little people for me!

  2. Logan

     /  December 18, 2012

    Logan doesn’t read this sucker…. (Jedi mind control hand wave over face to make U believe what I say)


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