#Reverb12 – Lost & Found

{Just as I have for the past two years, for the month of December I’m participating in #reverb12 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one. I may not follow every prompt found here or here but will, rather, pick the ones that seem most interesting to me.}

Prompt for December 20th: Lost & Found – What was lost in 2012? What do you intend to find in 2013?

I could go all ethereal and philosophic on this one, which I assume is the intention behind the question, but I’m going to go very literal as the timing for this prompt is just too damned ironic.

I just lost my ring. For those who know me well, this is the HUGE silver ring I’ve worn pretty much daily for the last seven years. Yeah, that one. If I’m not wearing gold, it’s a pretty good bet that I have this sucker on.

I wore it on Tuesday and thought, as I took it off for a workout, “Man, if I ever loose this ring, I’m going to be so bummed.” Jinx! And then I went to see my crazy acutonics lady, Sylvia, that night. As I was waiting for my session to start I noticed how hot it was on my finger. I mean HOT! That’s the thing about this ring. It’s so warm and perfect on my finger – like it’s a part of my body.

When I got home later that night and went to get undressed I realized the ring was no longer on my finger. So, I had it on at Sylvia’s and then I didn’t have it on when I went to take it off for the day. What happened between those two events, I have no clue.

Sessions with Sylvia are like an out-of-body experience so anything is possible. For example, did it start to feel too hot so I chucked it across the room? Did the ring become like Can o’ Beans in Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins and sprout wings and fly off? Is it in a fifth dimension giggling at me and this funny prank? “Ah, stupid human! Here I am, but you can only perceive three dimensions! Joke is on you.” Is it lost in a wrinkle in the matrix, sitting in it’s normal spot on my dresser, but I just can’t see it right now?

I’ve torn my house and my car apart. I’ve gone and searched the sidewalk and street outside of Sylvia’s house. She’s been hunting as well. It’s vanished.

I bought this ring after breaking up with my fiance (the ex before the ex-manfriend). Maybe it’s served its purpose. Maybe it’s time for a new ring. The deal is, I don’t want a new ring. I want that one back. Now, please!

Here’s what I predict: Sylvia or I will find it again. About two years from now it will show up in the most unlikely spot imaginable. But as for what I hope to find in 2013, this ring is surely on the list. Good lord. Humans and their attachments to inanimate objects. Ridiculous, I tell you.

UPDATE: I found my ring! It was in my yard. There’s no reasonable explanation for how it got there (I’ll not bore you with the details of why it’s unreasonable). Yay!

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  1. adam

     /  December 28, 2012

    You “loosed” it, then finded it! ;)


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