Confession Thursday

  1. Confession In my opinion, the best brownies in the pan are the corners. I love how crunchy those edges are!
  2. I recently took a one-inch chunk off my ankle shaving. It’s been YEARS since I cut myself shaving. I mean, I’ve been doing it for 24 years for the love of Pete. That sucker bled, hard, for a solid 20 minutes and then off and on for several days.
  3. I notice and appreciate the smallest things about people. For example, the fact that my eight-year-old nephew remembers to hold on to his gum wrapper so he can toss his gum later makes me love him a little more. And I have a co-worker who always brings a coaster along with him to slide under his mug at meetings. How hilarious is that?
  4. Someone asked me the other day if I want kids and I answered, without hesitating, “Yes.” I spent years saying, “I’m not really sure. I could take it or leave it.” Or, “Kids? Who’s crazy enough to have kids?” It felt good to answer authentically and honestly.
  5. I briefly dated a male cheerleader in college. So, yeah, that happened.
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  1. Totally with you on No. 1. And I think No. 3 is so great. So few people notice anything about anyone these days. And I’m so proud of you on No. 4. Say it loud!

  2. Do you know they have brownie pans now that are shaped like an S so that every brownie is an edge? Seems like cheating to me. Re: No. 3, I now need to get better at letting people know I see and appreciate these things. And thank you on No. 4. It feels really good!


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