Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Sometimes I get sucked into blogs and don’t come up for air until I’ve viewed every post on there. SlimPalate is my new favorite. There’s not too much on there yet, so I’ve caught him just in time to keep up easily. The kid who writes it is 16 years-old. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! What a waste my life has been.
  2. I fell off the green smoothie bandwagon a while ago. I’m back on it now and my body is SO happy about it.
  3. I miss having a bathtub. It’s been so cold lately that there are days when I don’t feel warm – ever – and all I want to do is submerse myself in hot water.
  4. Because I was sick last week I spent a lot of time at home by myself. It was pretty awesome.
  5. You know how some people have a certain kind of hard alcohol they avoid because of it’s effect on their mood? For example, I have a friend who avoids tequila because it makes her “too honest.” Recently I’ve realized that rum makes me super feisty. I need to keep that in mind.
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