Keeping Me Occupied

So, I’ve got a long weekend coming up and not much on the books, which I’m looking forward to! If you find yourself bored, you might think about checking out some of the sites below for a little distraction. A big sorry to the boys on here who might roll their eyes at about half of these.

  • Picture of the Day
  • 27b/6 (I gots a lotta catching up to do, but this guy is my new hero. As my brother put it, “He must spend 67 percent of his day conspiring to be a sarcastic asshole. I wish I had a third of his skill.”)
  • dlisted (if you’re easily offended, you might skip this one. If you’re not, you’re welcome.)
  • Pintrest, You Are Drunk (my mouth drops open on much of what I see on here.)
  • Daily Odd Compliment (oh, if this kid weren’t 12 years younger than me…)
  • Zodiac Facts (cuz I always learn something new.)
  • Black and WTF? (some of the coolest/creepiest/oddest stuff out there.)
  • Messy Nessy (so many odd, awesome articles and links.)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Karissa

     /  January 18, 2013

    Ok so I am on the floor looking at the Pinterest you are drunk website, genius.


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