Use it all!

I’ve learned a hard lesson in the past six months. Just because two people love each other doesn’t mean that it’s going to work. Thank you, universe, I think I get it. Can we be done with that crap now?

I was talking to someone the other day about this and her reasoning made it all so clear. (This is pretty much how she explained it to me, so forgive me any mishaps in the actual science of it all…)

So, we have this reptilian part of our brain, our brain stem, that governs our breathing, heart pumping, etc. It’s where we feel that initial, primal attraction to someone.

Then we have our Limbic System, or the mammalian brain, where we feel emotion. This is the part of the brain where our ability to love someone comes from.

Most people stop there. They just operate with two out of the three components and never bring the neocortex into it.

See, the neocortex is what makes us human. This is the part of the brain that brings logic to the table and allows us to employ reason and decision making. This is the part of the brain we should listen to, to decide if a partner is a good match logistically and reasonably.

When you put the three together it’s called the Triune Brain. Ideally, you use your Triune Brain when deciding on a partner.

I’m really trying hard to use all of it here people, but it can be difficult sometimes. That neocortex can be a real party-pooper.

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