Let Femininity Rise Again

A female friend and I had a very interesting conversation a while ago about feminism and the state of men in this country. I’ve since had the same conversation with several woman and it’s been very eye-opening.

Now, I’m all for equal rights in the workplace and in opportunities for women. I’m all for equal pay and dispensation. What I’m not for is this notion that women are equal to men. Because we’re not and men are not equal to us. Stick with me here, people. I know that might offend some of you…

I mentioned recently that I’ve been on the receiving end of some chivalric gestures and that I like it, because I really, really do. What’s sad is that chivalry is rare in this day and age. Something about the feminist movement made it offensive for men to treat women like ladies – to open doors and help a woman on with her coat and to carry heavy things and so on. For some reason, it became the battle cry that in order for women be treated fairly we had to act like men and be treated like men and in doing so we took a man’s ability to be a man from him. I’m not saying that all men are is their chivalric gestures – it’s one simple example of a larger issue.

On a similar vein, when we started demanding that women be treated like men we basically said there’s something wrong with being a woman. We gave up the power that exists in femininity. Think about what women can do, what femininity means. We are so powerful and strong and necessary and beautiful.

Along this same topic line, I had another conversation several weeks ago with a male friend of mine. I won’t go into too much detail, but the gist was that he felt like his life needed purpose – like he needed to feel that he had accomplished things in his life that contributed and meant something. I think so many men feel that way and are struggling in this day and age to find that. I think part of the reason they’re struggling is because our society has taken what it means to be a man from them. We used to have prescribed roles and no matter what you think about that, those roles are now hard to discern and it seems to be resulting in some confusion and angst among the sexes.

So how about this – how about women act like ladies and men act like gentlemen and we’ll all agree that the differences between the sexes is necessary and good and not an indication that one sex is better or more capable than the other. Can we do that?

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