Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I know it’s an over-used term, but gaining closure around a situation is really important to me.
  2. Sometimes all I eat for dinner is a huge salad and bacon. It’s pretty much my favorite.
  3. I had a conversation with a fellow patient in my chiropractor’s office the other day about this topic. It just seems to keep cropping up in my life. Anyway, we were in agreement and he said, “When I’m dead and gone, all laid out in my coffin, I want my wife to know that everything I did, whether she liked it or not, I did out of love.” I teared up. No joke. And then he said, “And to settle for anything less than that, well, you should never do that.” Agreed!
  4. I see recipes all over Pintrest for frozen hot chocolate. Um…does this cornfuse anyone else?
  5. When my little brother started basic training, I wrote to him every week. Sometimes several times a week. Back then you could only communicate with your soldier via mail. In every letter I told him how proud I was of him and reminded him that sometimes you have to wade through the shit to get to the good stuff. That’s kind of how I feel. In fact, I’ve felt some measure of that for the past few years. The good stuff is around the corner.
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