Even I roll my eyes

There should be no question, at this point, that I’m a fan of country music. There are, however, songs where even I roll my eyes and think, “Who listens to this crap!?”

Case and point:  “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.Really? How can this lead to anything but eye rolls?

Case and point: “Beer with Jesus.(Presented without snide remark because it’s, clearly, unnecessary.)

Case and point: “International Harvester.” Listen to the first 39 seconds and try not to cry. No, really. Do it.

I won’t terrify you by continuing. These are the kinds of songs that make even the most loyal country fan want to stab pencils in our ears. It’s sad that so many people base their opinion of all country music on the sins of a few. Such a disservice.

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  1. This was a funny piece. I too wonder about some of the titles and lyrics out there.


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