Your problems aren’t special

A friend recently shared a link on her Facebook page to a blog post about how to pick a husband if you want kids. I read it with great interest, naturally.

Then I started to poke around her blog a bit. She’s honest (almost bitingly so at times), direct, and no-nonsense. I love people like that.

And then I came across this post about how thinking your problems are special makes you stuck. Man, did this sucker resonate.

I try really hard not to let the physical pain I’ve been in for some time rule my life. I try to remember that others are facing the same things and worse on a daily basis. But I’ll readily admit that there are days when I can’t help but think that I’m some how special because of what I’m going through. I’m not. And none of it is an excuse not to keep going and doing the best I can and being the best person I can be.

If you chose not to read her whole post, this is, in my opinion, the biggest take-away:

The saddest story is thinking you’re special, you’re different, you’re too messed up to take responsibility for adult life. It is not interesting to be the messed up person who never goes to sleep. All people who think they’re special in their fucked-up ways are boring. They are boring because they use the idea that they are special to excuse them from meeting the regular struggles of adult life, like getting enough sleep and being accountable for a to do list.
– Penelope Trunk

Stop making excuses, people. We all have them. Drop it and be accountable.

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