5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandI can’t believe February is winding down. It feels like the year is already zipping past. This past week was a flurry of social activity! I forced myself to take it slow Friday night knowing the weekend was going to be jam packed. The big snow storm on Sunday kept me home-bound, however, which was awesome. As much as I was bummed to cancel plans, staying home and burrowing in was just what I needed. All of this activity and inactivity gave me plenty to love.

  1. This song. Just put it on repeat, please.
  2. Seeing an old friend whom I haven’t seen in over ten years and giving her a BIG hug. It’s so nice to reconnect with people and realize you still feel a connection and are at ease around them.
  3. Dancing for hours on end and having a great sidekick to do it with. Elizabeth and I had a blast on Saturday night tearing it up with the cowboys at The Grizzly Rose.
  4. Spending a snowy day at home enjoying the peace and quiet.
  5. Conversations with my little brother. Sometimes they are spaced further apart than I would like, but I love hearing that kid’s voice.
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  1. The song: snort!


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