Moments we live for

One of the things I love about listening to the radio is that sometimes it forces you to listen to songs you might not otherwise be drawn to.

There are several stations that I flip between, but sometimes only one or two of them will tune in nicely. Therefore, sometimes I get “stuck” listening to songs I don’t really like. With some songs, an appreciation will develop over time. With others it’s just a line that eventually pops out at me that makes me reevaluate my opinion.

Kissed You Goodnight by Gloriana is one of these songs. If you watch the video, don’t mind the cheesiness. All I’m really trying to point out is this line:

“Half scared to death, can’t catch my breath, aren’t these the moments we live for?”

I had one of those moments recently, and there’s pretty much no other feeling like it.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Find a couple invigorating moments, hmm?

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  1. Great post. I have songs which by title I would probably not have listened to. But, once I hear the words; I’m hooked!


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