5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandSometimes I struggle with how to prelude the list below. Sometimes I feel like the list speaks for itself and that this post doesn’t need anything else. Sometimes I struggle with not really being able to give too much detail because there are people in my life who prefer anonymity and I always want to respect that. But what I do know is that there is always something to love and I will always seek it out and share it.

  1. Confident, but not cocky, people.
  2. Phone conversations. Texting is fine and usually gets the job done, but there’s something so great about having an actual conversation with someone.
  3. Additional reminders that people are usually so much more than you might expect. These reminders have been coming to me rapidly and regularly lately and are changing the way I view people and forcing me to hold judgement, which can be hard.
  4. This dessert. Put a little sea salt on it and it’s even better!
  5. Warm days that feel like spring.
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