Confession Thursday

Confession I’ll call this the childhood memory addition:

  1. One of my first memories is dancing to and signing Cecilia with my mom in the living room in our house in Wonderland Hills. I was about four, I would guess. It’s still one of my favorite songs.
  2. When I was really young I actually liked cats. Until a neighbor and I decided to play house with a stray that my older brother kept feeding much to my mother’s dismay. We covered the cat in grass as if it were clothing and made it walk behind us like we were out for a family stroll. The cat got pissed and reached up and sunk it’s claws in the backs of my legs just under my rump and pulled all the way down to my ankles. And thus my hatred (and more like fear as a kiddo) started. Get it now?
  3. When I was about four, I said the word bullshit to my grandfather – a gem of a word I had heard my dad yell at the TV countless times while watching sports. I’m lucky I’m still alive.
  4. Sometimes when a group of us kids would be hanging out and one of them would pick on my little sister, who was always the youngest, I would pick on her as well just to seem cool. I always knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I did it anyway. What a complete jerk, huh? Sorry, sissy.
  5. I remember the day Regan was shot. I don’t remember details, but I remember knowing it was a BIG deal just by the energy rolling off my mom. I also remember trying to be especially good that day and especially quiet while my mom watched the news even though I wanted to watch Sesame Street.
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