5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandWell, my hot date was a rousing success! My nephew was so super excited and was just a delight the whole night. It was so funny to watch him watching the show. He was great about telling me about all of the wrestlers and their persona’s, what to expect from them, what he thinks of them, and so on. His excitement definitely fueled mine. The most interesting thing I noticed is how important crowd participation is – it’s like the audience is another character with very important role to play.  I will say there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys are athletes and that what they do is difficult, but, honestly, the whole event was a bit surreal. It’s bizarre to sit there at a “sporting” event knowing that it’s staged. Anyway, this whole weekend gave me so much to love and I am grateful!

  1. Soaking up Ayuba’s happiness and excitement at the WWE event.
  2. Watching my sister’s family interact. Her happiness makes me happy.
  3. Snowy days spent as lazily and cozily as possible.
  4. This song. Darrius made a good choice moving to the country genre.
  5. Spending less time online and more time living my life.
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