Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Last week I said I was scared of cats as a kid. That wasn’t entirely true. I’m scared of them as an adult, too. It’s the whole “I have claws and will use them on you while you walk by the bed or sleep at night” thing.
  2. I have a co-worker who might be one of the most thoughtful people I know. As he becomes aware of your likes, habits, hobbies, etc. he’ll cut out articles, cartoons, and the like to leave for you. I think this is so sweet!
  3. I watched an older woman approach another table in a restaurant the other day. She had noticed that the other patron was wearing an Army Vet hat and thanked him for his service and paid for his meal. I love moments that remind me that humanity and love for one’s fellow man still exists.
  4. My life feels a bit like this song right now and no matter what may come, I’m grateful for that in this moment.
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