Happiness Breeds Happiness

I saw a picture on Facebook the other day and my reaction surprised me. Sort of…

I read somewhere that being happy for other people and their successes and abundance in life only helps you create your own success and abundance. Once I thought about that, I decided to try doing this for people – all people – all the time. You know what? It feels so good!

MANY years ago I had my heartbroken by the boy (yes, boy) I thought I would spend my life with. So foolish is young love. Anyway, the end of our relationship was not pleasant and I hoped he would never find happiness with anyone else, spiteful little wretch that I was. The other day I came across a photo of him and his wife. In this photo it’s so clear how happy and in love they are and it just made me smile a huge, happy smile for them.

What I’ve noticed is that being happy for others is much easier than you might imagine. And, the more I implement this, the easier it is – it’s pretty much effortless at this point. Plus it feels so much better than being jealous or resentful. Who wants to be jealous or resentful anyway? Those emotions are painful ones to bare.

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