5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandThe fact that it’s April is absolutely shocking to me. SHOCKING. But what a beautiful weekend the last weekend of March turned out to be. I had Friday off and took full advantage of such a warm, amazing three-day weekend. Three-day weekends always give me so much to love.

  1. Spending a very spring-feeling Friday off cruising around Pearl Street Mall like a tourist.
  2. People who invite you into their homes and treat you like family right off the bat.
  3. A lovely happy hour with my family to celebrate my mom’s birthday.
  4. Movies based off of true stories. Machine Gun Preacher was a bit hard to watch at times, but what an incredible story!
  5. People who saying things like, “I don’t like hanging out with people who don’t have problems and won’t talk about them.” When someone tells you that, you know they care to hear the answer when they ask you if you’re okay.

* Incidentally, this post was my 600th post. Crazy, right? Feels like 600 should have been about something more interesting than zits…

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