Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I love learning new words. A co-worker used mellifluous the other day. I’m adding that one in my rotation if it kills me!
  2. I think urinals are just plain creepy and totally gross.
  3. People who clip their nails in public should face extreme ridicule. There is a time and place for this. It’s at home, by yourself, with no one watching.
  4. I’ve realized a new pet-peeve…when using a public sink (or any sink for that matter) and the facet is set so far back that your hands brush on the back of the sink because there just isn’t enough room to maneuver normally!
  5. I love southern accents on men. Love.
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  1. 1. Definition? You think I’m going to go look it up?
    2. Please leave the mens room immediately.

    5. You’d love my boss then…

    • 1. I provided a freaking link to a definition, Lewien! 2. I wasn’t in there by choice, believe me! 5. Too old!

      Get back to work!


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