Forgiveness and Understanding


{I wrote what follows before I read this blog post, a post that touched me deeply, yesterday. I suppose what I’m saying here follows the same vein, to an extent. Love isn’t always comfortable and easy, but it’s love.}

A while back I mentioned this song and the fact that I’m looking for the person it pertains to. I recently realized the full extent of what that means to me.

For months now I’ve been focusing on the type of person I want to spend my life with – the specific attributes I’m looking for. And I’m constantly learning more and more about what I want and refining that list. I think I’ve got it just about right…

While listening to the song mentioned above the other night, a new attribute dawned on me. An attribute I feel I’ve had in past partners and one I want to make sure to have again – a person who loves unconditionally and with a forgiving heart.

Here’s the bottom line – no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and does things they’re not proud of. I’ve done some regretful things in my life. Who hasn’t? Hell, there isn’t a person in my life who hasn’t, at some point, disappointed or hurt me. On the flip side, there isn’t one person in my life that I haven’t also disappointed or hurt.  It’s part of being a human and being in relationships with people – sometimes there’s hurt and misunderstanding. But so long as that is based in honesty (as in being an honest mistake), and not maliciousness, these are things we should be able to overcome.

A person who doesn’t understand this or is quick to dismiss someone just because their feelings have been hurt isn’t in the cards for me. I want to find that person who’s going to love me even when I’m unlovable or have done something unlovable. I’ll do the same for them.

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  1. mkesling63

     /  April 24, 2013

    Indifference to any another way is unforgivable.


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